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At Mi Things, we like to do things a little differently! We specialise in personalised gifts and providing laser engraving services to create gifts, add messages to gifts that you've already bought or helping you make gifts that don't yet exist. We try to leave the mainstream products to others, and we are affiliates of many great companies out there - so you've possibly seen our gifts elsewhere already

We prefer to serve our customers with a real old-fashioned customer service - one-one contact throughout your purchase, be it adding personal messages to one-off items, items you've made or if you've asked us to make something.

We are very experienced in laser engraving stone, especially slate and granite, personalising photo frames, laser cutting and dye-sublimating plastics.

We also provide metal marking services and laser cutting services to businesses who wish to personalise their brand with asset tagging or corporate gift marketing.

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  • We have a huge range of photoframes in varying styles.

    Laser cut art that makes your home more personal.

    Adding any message to any metal piece.

    Spice up your morning coffee with a bit of fun! Simply sprinkle dusting powder for great results.

    Design of your own choosing or simply pick from one of our own adaptations from classics characters and icons.

    Adding a personal twist to the incredibly trendy and contemporary Splosh letters.

    These simple cork trivets are laser engraved and personalised to your liking.

    Be it art, asset tagging, or simply your name/log - we can engrave and mark your tech!

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