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Mi Things was born to create personalised gifts through laser engraving and dye-sublimation processes.

Mi Things have over 20 years of retail experience, dealing with the latest technologies from superbrands like Apple and Sony, from venues such as Harrods, Selfridges and Fenwicks to the multiple giants of Tesco and PC World. Time and time again when customers wanted a little of themselves on the product, the masses couldn't oblige. Mi Things aim to right those wrongs and give the customer what they want on their products. Find out more on how in the services section.

We aim to offer a very professional and personal service by having interaction to ensure we know exactly what you want. You can either contact us, tell us what you want then order it, or make your purchase - then on the PayPal "note to seller" section, let us know your requirements - have it your way!

We work with many businesses up and down the UK, adding finess and luxury through laser engraved messaging, or adding logos to products. Chances are - you have seen our work already!

We are a family business, and generally our work lives (like many) revolve around the children, but with a twist. The business was created to allow us to spend time with them, which is why you may get email replies very late at night!

We aim to get involved with the school and community, with a strong moral code of doing what's right - which is why we don't raise our prices throughout the year, for Christmas, Valentine's and Easter, and even if you need something ASAP - there's no "last minute tax" here!

We are both active in our children's school and recently strengthened the link with the local Foodbank by donating Advent Calendars in conjunction with our Facebook fans.

We are currently working with many Councils around the country providing them with a first class service in the creation of the memorial plaques that you see on the park benches, something we take pride in, allowing the compassion to be shown in personal layouts without word/letter restriction so no compromises are made.
We like to support many local trades too in terms of collaboration or sourcing, and will help provide an ad hoc personalisation service for their gifts to help their customers, without the need for long term contracts or committments.

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Why? Well, in a nutshell we tend to put up new products quicker there, and there's hundreds of samples pics to view. We'll also push out any offer codes there from any promotions we run from time to time.

(And we don't ram our posts down your throat, just a few here and there .....)

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