Business Services

At Mi Things, we recognise the need for variety in choosing an appropriate gift for the right occasion - which is why we bring you many different services. As with the nature of personalision and customisation at Mi Things, you can of course mix these techniques to create "Your Things".




- products or materials that have been created purposefully for laser marking or cutting. With anodised metals, two-tone laminates, acrylics, wood and so much more - you can create your own design or start from a template.

. Pet tags engraved by laser, customised as bones etc





Laser engraving


- should you have the item, or have found a great gift and just need a name, a message, a logo, etc added to it, then this is the service for you. This includes marking metal (golf clubs, etc) or engraving iPod's, mobile phones, kitchen utensils, etc. We can laser engrave an item that you own, or you can buy one from us (such as photoframes) and we'll personalise it for you.

Engraved iPods personalised by laser

Dye-sublimation - the art of transferring special inks on special paper onto keepsake items. Possibly best known for T-shirts, mugs, jigsaws and placemats/coasters, we also carry some innovative and new ideas.

Personalised jigsaw gift 

Wrappz -  we've teamed up with this clever company to bring you a low cost solution for personalising your home electronics - be it your MP3 (including older iPod generations), mobile phone, BT Home hub, or consoles. Pick from an enormous range of designs, and self-apply these unique adhesives. They protect from scratching, bring to life a dull product and can be removed easily should your taste or the latest fashion change.



Unique stationery - we are experts in creating breath-taking wedding stationery, that creates the wow-factor for your receiving guests. All designs are unique one-off designs, tailored to your special day. All hand finished, with laser cut materials, to ensure a premium and professional look. We have now included birthday invitations to our range, which of course can translate into any celebration.

Business services - We also offer an extensive range of products and services for our business customers, although as with all techniques these are appropriate for both business and personal use alike.

Laser marked stainless steel etching