QR Codes

We may have all seen them on newspaper ads, leaflets and even TV ads, but what are QR codes?

QR (Quick Response) codes were actually invented by the car industry back in 1994 to track parts (quickly) as they moved along the assembly line.

Today, we mostly see them as black and white boxes on adverts pointing the reader to the promoters website. Whilst this is a clever concept, QR codes can do so much more.

Our aim is to mix the technology of QR code generation with application on a gift or a product that actually has a purpose, saves time or even just looks good.

Our gifts are all made by us, and therefore you can have any message, website, colours that you want.

QR codes can not only point you directly to a website on your Smartpone, but also create WiFi access point details, auto-create text messages, add a location reference point, create a MeCard or simply have text phrases.

We generate your QR code for you for no charge, and apply the code to any of our products, be it an iPhone 4 case promoting your Facebook page, or a fridge magnet allowing your friends access to your home WiFi (no more looking for that scrap of paper, or repeating the phrase over and over).

If you don't already have a QR scanner, you can easily download one from your apps marketplace for IOS, Android or Windows.

Simply text "DOWNLOAD" to 60066 for your free application. It also allows you to share your scans with friends and family via SMS and social medias.