Engraving works on mathematical principals, and given the exact same design, material and settings, should in theory give the same results.

However, with the vast array of materials and finshes available to us today, exact duplicates cannot be guaranteed, although every effort and detail to care will be applied to ensure a quality finish.

The moment anyone refers to "terms and conditions", is the moments we've both got it wrong. We will ask the important questions, but please never assume guessed something you haven't told us! This is why we provide a mock up proofing service for free!!

The Red Tape!

Personalised gifts:

As all personalised gifts are made to order, mistakes cannot be rectified afterwards. Please take your time to consider your wording and spelling when placing an order for personalised gifts. We will send you a mock up or proof which will require your approval. We will replace/resolve any mistakes that we have made during the process in creating your gift.

Natural materials:

We constantly seek out natural materials to engrave on to (alongside man-made products), be it woods, or stones (granite/slate), etc. Being natural, these materials may have markings or indentations which form the character of the products. These cannot, and should not, be removed. If you are looking for a "perfect" natural product, we wish you well in your pursuits, and would be happy to engrave it for you.

Confirming your order:

Once you are happy with your selection of goods, and if appropriate, have approved the proof by email - you will then proceed to paying for the goods by PayPal. Once payment has been received, this will constitute your order. Owing to the nature of goods being personalised, there will be no provision for amendments 60mins (1hour) after payment has been made - so please check carefully (check twice-pay once. type stuff).

What are you paying for:

You are purchasing either peronsonalised gifts (product) or a service. We are NOT selling images, and we are not charging for any images within our fees. You total is broken down by the product of material that is being customised, time to customise and time to design. If you supply your own product, your fee is the service of customisation.

Image quality:

We work with many software packages and image formats, but the preference is .eps (encapsulated post script) often referred to as "vector" images. Using CorelDRAW, we can work with vector images to select chosen/desired parts of that image for your design. These images can to scaled and often meet the required 300dpi quality to deliver the end product that you require. Any image less than 300dpi will potentially affect your finished gift, but we will communicate these proofs with you and offer suggesions if quality is compromised. Rule of thumb - if you open your image in Miscrosoft Paint on your system and the image is bigger than the size it will be lasered or printed, it should be OK?

Offensive material:

We will not produce offensive or provacative material, be it pornographic, illegal, or provocative messages or images. We will entertain tongue-in-cheek, inuendo and high-brow humour - afterall our strategy is to please not to offend. If you are asking the question "is this offensive", you probably already know the answer!

Your images/designs:

If you supply your own images or designs, then they will remain yours - always. We will not reproduce your designs/artwork, unless you want us to (of course), and you want to show off your masterpiece. If we carry out a project for you, or find your design compelling, we reserve the right to feature your examples on-line, unless you expressly ask us not to. Your consideration and co-operation will be respected at all times.


When arranging for deliveries of your product/gift, we place our trust in respected third parties to transport it from us to you. Very rarely, deliveries take longer than antipated, and although frustrating are often outside of either of our control. If your order is time dependant, we can arrange signed for, or special delivery postage for added piece of mind.

Much of what we do requires your order to be sent as a parcel. This will require someone to be present at the time of delivery, a trip to your local sorting office, or you re-arranging a successful re-delivery. Please build this into your plans.

Very rarely, mishaps occur and damages happen in transit. Whilst your satisfaction is our priority, we respectfully ask for your for help to sort things out. This includes rejecting a delivery (where signed for) if you suspect foul play, taking pictures of any damage to the external packaging (including footprints!), as well as the product damage. Let us know as soon as you can by email, with a full description of all events. This will save time, and help us process our claim (read your own message back to see if it makes sense and all important facts are included). Shouting and abusive behaviour will not help your cause (and will probably slow a resolution down considerably)!!