Which materials laser the best?

We use a CO2 laser for all of our work, as it is the most versatile, and has the greatest range of materials that work well.

This includes plastics, from 2-ply laminates (thin plastic sheets with one core colour revealed when the second top colour is laser engraved away) - great for signs, and acrylic (tough plastics that are rigid). Also brilliant with papers, card, and woods.

Metals are a little different, as CO2 lasers (non-industrial) won't cut metal, but can easily remove anodised painted surfaces (like iPhones) or mark metals like stainless steel with a black mark (like park bench memorials) through a process called "thermal bonding".

In laser engraving, there are many technical terms used, however you can generally get it down to two key words to differentiate the processes. Laser "profiling" is generally cutting an outline, and laser "rastering" is probably what most of us imagine when we say engraving - creating words, shape, images, etc.